Hooked Hangers

Wooden, padded, retail, heavy duty, chrome and trouser hangers.

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HWHL Hooked Wooden Hanger

ex vat 80.00 / inc vat 96.00

HTOP02L Wooden Top Hanger

ex vat 63.00 / inc vat 75.60

HWHLSKC Hooked Combination Hanger

ex vat 85.00 / inc vat 102.00

HCLIP02L Wooden Clip Hanger

ex vat 60.00 / inc vat 72.00

HPH Hooked Polypropylene Hanger

ex vat 58.00 / inc vat 69.60

KRH Hooked Chrome Hanger

ex vat 62.00 / inc vat 74.40

HPADH Hooked Padded Hanger

ex vat 26.00 / inc vat 31.20